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Chandra Wu


My perspective as an earth scientist informs my view of the world and inspires a lot of my structures and layers. I employ my geology and physics background to construct landscape-like quilts that balance the meditative rhythms of traditional quiltmaking with the abstract fluidity of the Pacific Northwest landscape. I learned to sew and quilt from both my mother and my grandmothers — I feel more connected with them as domestic engineers when I sew.


My experience as a mother is intrinsic to my choice of textiles as an artist medium. I believe generations of mothers have passed down cultural knowledge through fiber and needle arts and that sensory information is stored in cloth.

The natural beauty and the modern industrial life along the Washington and British Columbian coastlines influence my work in improvisational patchwork and rhythmic stitch patterns. I like including weathered, found and reusable textiles, especially denim jeans. I enjoy the juxtaposition of industrially produced materials and worn shapes with natural ones.

I am member of Studio Art Quilts Association, Artist Trust and Creative Advantage in Seattle, Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Art Museum in La Conner, as well as Seattle Modern Quilt Guild and Quilters Anonymous

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